Mitigating the challenges of voltage fluctuations and power oscillations

As renewable energy generation increases, maintaining grid stability and managing inertia have become critical challenges for utility grids. The integration of non-linear loads, such as switched-mode power supply (SMPS) systems, further complicates the situation by causing current fluctuations and harmonics. This leads to unwanted voltage variations and power oscillations.

Energy storage solutions, particularly supercapacitors, offer a reliable way to address these issues. Supercapacitors, or double-layer capacitors (EDLCs), are advanced energy storage devices that do not rely on chemical reactions for energy storage. This characteristic allows them to deliver high-power output on demand and provides several advantages over traditional batteries.

Rapid charging and discharging

Supercapacitors can be quickly charged with low power consumption and can discharge efficiently to provide high power output when needed.

High energy density

They store a substantial amount of energy relative to their size.

Long lifespan

They offer extended service life, typically ranging from 10 to over 20 years, depending on environmental conditions, with minimal maintenance.


Unlike batteries, supercapacitors do not pose a risk of thermal runaway and can operate safely across a wide range of temperatures.

Environmental impact

Supercapacitors are eco-friendly, composed mainly of carbon, cellulose, and aluminum, minimizing their environmental footprint.

Supercapacitor modules

In the evolving landscape of energy storage, supercapacitor modules are emerging as a vital technology for applications requiring high-density power over short durations. These applications include backup power and peak power shaving in sectors such as seaports and transportation electrification (trolleys, rail, and light rail systems), but also in other various utility, grid, and microgrid operations.

Supercapacitors offer distinct advantages over traditional energy storage solutions like batteries. Supercapacitors can deliver rapid bursts of power, making them ideal for scenarios that require immediate, high-power output. With significantly longer life cycles, supercapacitors reduce the need for frequent replacements, thereby minimizing maintenance costs. Their structure allows for customization to meet specific energy storage requirements, offering versatility across different applications.

In addition to these advantages, supercapacitors contribute to overall system efficiency and reliability. They can lower system costs by providing dependable backup power during brownouts or blackouts, enhancing energy security. Moreover, their ability to quickly discharge and recharge makes them a valuable component in supporting the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.

As we continue to seek sustainable and efficient energy solutions, supercapacitor modules stand out as a promising technology. They provide a sustainable and efficient solution to enhance grid stability and accommodate the dynamic demands of renewable energy integration.

Eaton’s XLHV Supercapacitor Module

Eaton’s XLHV supercapacitor module is a versatile and essential element for developing high-power energy storage systems. These modules are particularly suited for applications such as microgrids, grid stability systems, and peak power shaving.

Eaton’s XLHV Supercapacitor Module

The XLHV module is designed with a standard form factor and connections, simplifying the integration process into existing systems. Designers can configure standard systems up to 1500 V using combinations of series and parallel connections. For larger systems requiring voltages up to tens of kV, specialized configurations and components can be utilized. Due to its low internal resistance, the XLHV module delivers exceptional power density, making it ideal for applications that need high power output for up to a minute.

Long lifespan, low maintenance and eco-friendly

The absence of moving parts and chemical reactions contributes to the module’s durability, offering a lifespan of 10 to 20 years, with the capability to undergo millions of charge and discharge cycles. These supercapacitors are environmentally friendly, containing no heavy or rare earth metals. They operate with low standby power consumption and require no maintenance.

Eaton’s XLHV supercapacitor modules represent a robust solution for modern energy systems, providing reliable, high-power performance and sustainability.

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Eaton’s XLHV Supercapacitor Modules



180 Wh stored energy. 420 kW peak power


137 Wh stored energy. 270 kW peak power