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  • AIC Europe

    With 70 years of experience in capacitor manufacturing and innovation, AIC Europe specializes in developing and manufacturing aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

    AIC Europe capacitors
  • Astrol

    Astrol is a Switzerland based innovator and manufacturer of state-of-the-art power control and switching solutions.

    Logo Astrol
  • Boyd Corporation

    Boyd Corporation is a leading and innovative manufacturer of standard and tailor-made heat management solutions for power electronics.

  • Hitachi Energy

    Hitachi Energy (former ABB) serves customers in the utility, industry and infrastructure sectors with innovative solutions and services. Astrolkwx is supplier of the total portfolio of their semiconductors, all ABB branded.

  • Littelfuse

    Littelfuse has a worldwide reputation as a leading power semiconductor manufacturer. They specialize in high power semiconductor assemblies based on customer specifications, with special requirements.

  • Mecc.AL

    The Italian company Mecc.Al specializes in the design and manufacture of heatsinks for mainly power electronics applications and mechanical support for the electronics industry.

  • Anysolar

    Anysolar designs, develops, and produces highly efficient compact-size solar modules and surface mountable Solar BITs. Quality is key at Anysolar.

  • Eaton

    Eaton Electronics Division is a leading global provider of innovative solutions in the field of electrical components and systems. As a division of Eaton Corporation, a multinational power management company, Eaton Electronics Division specializes in developing cutting-edge technologies and delivering high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of the modern world.

  • Danotherm

    Danotherm is globally known for its A-quality design and manufacture of top-quality high-power resistors. The resistors’ long lifetimes and resistance to extreme conditions are one of the usp’s.

    Danotherm logo
  • morEnergy

    morEnergy offers solutions for power distribution grids and renewable energy sources. A special focus is on the determination of the impedance of grid connection points and systems.

  • Petercem

    The sensors division of Petercem designs and manufactures current and voltage sensors that are specifically suitable for harsh conditions.

  • Electronicon

    The German company Electronicon is a globally recognized specialist and manufacturer of high quality metalfim capacitors for power electronics and heavy-duty applications.

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