Safe operation of maritime DC systems with challenging and complex topologies

Astrol and Astrolkwx recognized the trend toward implementing DC grids on board of vessels and the necessity for adequate protection components at an early stage (2014). This led to the development of a fully matured range of solid-state DC breakers (SSDCBs), ready for the market. Our solid-state DC breakers allow safe operation of maritime DC systems with low inductance and offers a variety of additional benefits.

How it started

The initiative began a decade ago when partners and customers from the maritime industry were invited to discuss their requirements, allowing for a thorough understanding of their needs. This meeting resulted in a set of electrical and mechanical specifications, and future product requirements such as speed, certification, communication, and current and voltage ratings. Together with our partner Astrol, the product development process started. This process included investigation, review, design, production, testing, and certification. The first certified DC breakers were introduced to the market in 2019, and since have evolved to higher ratings with additional functionalities into an extensive range of 1.5 kV (0.35 – 5 kA) IGBT-based solid-state DC breakers.  

Optimal solutions for enabling multi-bus and ring systems

Our solid-state breakers have demonstrated their capability in multiple applications, serving as bus tie and enabling zone protection in multi-bus and ring systems. With an extensive reference list of over 100 successfully deployed breakers, we contribute to the safe operation of fully electric, hybrid vessels and workboats (such as DP3 vessels) with improved sustainability. 

Solid-state DC Breakers allow safe operation of maritime DC systems


Elektra, electric tugboat
Awards: tugboat of the year 2022
System integrator: Elkon
DC circuit protection: Astrol 1.25 – 3 kA DC breaker

Innovative marine system integrators choose our IGBT-based solution for the following reasons:

  • Applicability in low inductance circuits without any added inductance. 
  • Cut off current restricted from reaching damaging levels due to ultra-fast interruption (8 – 10 µs). 
  • DNV- and CCS certified. 
  • System independent solution, applicable in any brand or type of drive systems. 
  • Compact and modular design. 
  • Wide current range from 0.35 – 5 kA nominal. 
  • DC Voltage up to 1500 V DC nominal. 
  • DC-ring zone protection with fault isolation and ride through capability during a short circuit for each current direction. 
  • Single pole bi-directional. 

What type of solid-state solution suits your application?

Due to our strong and successful presence in the maritime market, we offer professional consultancy for the application of Astrol solid-state DC breakers in your DC system. Discover which of our solid-state DC breakers allow safe operation of your maritime DC systems.

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