Electrical system integrator BMA Technology chooses Astrol solid-state DC breaker 

Our collaboration with the electrical system integrator BMA Technology has led to the implementation of solid-state DC breakers in the 4th Zeetug, marking a noteworthy achievement in the protection of the onboard DC grid of this all new electric tugboat. In this project we used the Astrol 1.25 kA 1.5kV solid-state DC breaker. This product was chosen to increase the reliability and security of the onboard grid of the Zeetug. Protecting the Zeetug’s DC grid with our solid-state DC breaker proves to be a wise choice.

About the Zeetug 

ZEETUG, or Zero Emission Electric Tug Boat, represents the new generation green and high technology. By being re-chargeable and all electric, the ZEETUG has zero emission and is almost noise-free. This innovative design allows the vessels to operate powerfully with higher efficiency in line without harming the environment.  

With the aid of a modular system ZEETUG can be custom built. ZEETUG is also a smart harbor tugboat; a power efficient electric tugboat, capable of managing its energy and reach on longer distances. 


Challenges in designing the electrical power system for the Zeetug 

BMA Technology states “The onboard DC grids in our design consists of active semi-conductor power electronics, just like most of our competitors. Products we specifically use have a very capacitive DC link, which causes a short-circuit current with a high peak current and high di/dt but low energy. Fuses recommended by the manufacturer of the semiconductors are of the aR type. This type of fuse blows extremely fast in the case of a short circuit (faster than conventional circuit breakers). The arrangement of the DC grid on a vessel is very compact in most cases. Cable and busbar distances are low, and providing selectivity in the system is challenging.”  

Implementation of solid-state breakers 

The use of solid-state breakers offered a technically superior option compared to alternatives such as installing extra capacitor banks near critical fuses. 

Protecting the Zeetug’s DC grid

However, the challenge lay in the cost-efficiency of solid-state breakers in certain applications. Especially in convincing the customer of the necessity of this product type due to the additional cost involved. By presenting calculations, it’s shown that the Astrol solid-state DC breaker removes unnecessary components and facilitates a much more efficient power system. Ultimately providing unparalleled safety. 

The fact that the Astrol DC breaker has maritime product type approvals (DNV and CCS) makes it relatively easy to integrate it into an approved maritime grid. Astrolkwx’s track record demonstrates the increasing preference of leading electrical integrators for solid-state breakers for the protection of (complex) DC grids

3000a-dc-breaker-switch-1 Protecting the Zeetug DC grid

A class-approved solution 

The decision to apply the Astrol DC breaker was based on its status as a class-approved solution. Besides, it had already been successfully applied to similar applications. Also important, power grids on board ships are subject to certification.

Solid-state DC breakers actually provide a healthier technical option than other alternatives, like installing extra capacitor banks close to the critical fuses. 

About BMA Technology 

BMA Technology is a high-end technology company providing electrical system solutions for the marine industry. Their approach is to support customers by delivering sustainable, innovative and efficient solutions with focus on electrical propulsion. The primary concentration areas of BMA Technology are design, development, software engineering and production of systems for electrical propulsion. 

BMA Technology was established in 2013, Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, within reach of Tuzla, Yalova and Izmit, Turkey’s third biggest shipyard zones. BMA Technology is certified as a R&D center by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology. 

BMA Technology Protecting the Zeetug DC grid

Working with Astrolkwx according to BMA 

The collaboration with Astrolkwx proved to be enriching and beneficial, with the company showcasing a high level of expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering innovative solutions. 

The experience highlighted the seamless integration of Astrolkwx’s products into the project, ultimately contributing to the success of the joint endeavor. 

Future collaboration and partnership progression 

The future collaboration between our companies holds promise, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect. With the collective dedication to innovation and progress, it is anticipated that future milestones will be achieved through the continued partnership between our companies. 

In conclusion, the successful implementation of solid-state DC breakers in the 4th Zeetug stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts and innovative solutions brought forth by our partnership with BMA. This achievement paves the way for future advancements and reinforces the potential for continued success through our ongoing collaboration.

Specialist in maritime DC solutions 

Astrolkwx specializes in advising and supplying power electronics components and assemblies for DC systems on board ships. In addition to the revolutionary solid-state DC breaker technology, we also supply (super) capacitors, isolated rectifiers, fuses, heatsinks, resistors and blocking diodes

More about our solid-state DC breaker

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