Battery-powered vehicles are taking over the automotive market

The global electric vehicle market size is projected to grow at 22% in the period of 2023 – 2030. A huge demand for low emission transport and governments supporting long range, zero emission vehicles through subsidies has led to this rapid growth. Components for e-mobility and power electronics are becoming increasingly important.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the supply chain bottlenecks, the market for electric vehicles (EV) has grown significantly. Notwithstanding these recent challenges and rising production costs as a result of increasing raw material prices, EV sales are still going up at a fast rate. If this goes on, they are set to surpass the sales of conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines.

With the need for more environmentally friendly transportation and the wide use of electric vehicles, the availability of EV charging stations and its accompanying infrastructure have become a major issue for EV manufacturers and a big challenge for researchers all over the world. As the power electronics industry evolved, it found its place in the EV applications too. Astrolkwx is committed to the cause of eco-friendly transportation and supplies power electronics components such as fuses, resistors and semiconductors to various industries.

E-mobility power electronics components

Semiconductors in EV-applications

Power electronics are used in electric vehicles that need high power electric energy to rotate the electric engines. Power modules reduce power loss due to their high frequency. In addition, the components such as silicon-based power MOSFETs and IGBTs are used as power electronic switches in the power train automotive electric systems for reducing the overall size.

Facing the challenges of e-mobility power electronics components

Increased demand for energy-efficient battery-powered devices and strict regulations to reduce emission are some of the major impacting factors in the power electronics development for the electric vehicle market. High costs of vehicles and the difficulty of designing and integrating advanced power electronic components is becoming an issue for the EV industry.

Astrolkwx serves many customers in the e-mobility industry such as manufacturers of (fast) AC and DC chargers. Thanks to our experience, technical knowledge and our extensive product portfolio of A-brand products our technical specialists are available to help you choose the most efficient semiconductor or power resistor for your specific application.

At the forefront of sustainable evolution of e-mobility

The advancements in e-mobility and power electronics components have become pivotal in addressing the growing demand for sustainable transportation. As battery-powered vehicles gain dominance in the automotive market, the global electric vehicle sector is expected to experience a remarkable growth. This surge is fueled by a compelling need for low-emission transport and substantial governmental support in the form of subsidies, driving a rapid transition toward zero-emission vehicles with extended ranges.

Astrolkwx, aligned with the commitment to eco-friendly transportation, plays a crucial role in this paradigm shift by supplying essential power electronics components, including fuses, resistors, and semiconductors, to various industries involved in e-mobility. The integration of power electronics, such as silicon-based power MOSFETs and IGBTs, has proven instrumental in optimizing the performance of electric vehicles, reducing power loss, and enhancing overall efficiency. However, as the industry faces challenges related to high production costs and the intricate integration of advanced power electronic components, Astrolkwx remains at the forefront, leveraging its expertise and extensive product portfolio to support manufacturers and contribute to the sustainable evolution of e-mobility.