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Protecting electrical equipment from overcurrents

With our extensive range of EATON and Littelfuse high speed fuses and circuit protection solutions, we cover a wide range of applications such as industrial, motor protection, traction, power conversion and distribution.

High-speed fuses are designed to protect electrical equipment from damage caused by overcurrents. This is done by interrupting the circuit quickly and safely in the event of a fault, such as a short-circuit or power overload. High-speed fuses are typically used in high-current applications, such as power distribution systems and industrial machinery, where rapid response times are critical for protecting equipment and preventing electrical fires. They can operate in milliseconds, and they are designed to withstand high voltages and currents while minimizing the risk of arcing and other electrical hazards.

Eaton high-speed fuses

Eaton’s high-speed fuses are engineered with precision and adherence to international safety standards. These fuses feature fast-acting characteristics, allowing them to interrupt overcurrents within milliseconds. They provide reliable protection against short circuits, overloads, and other electrical faults, ensuring the safety and longevity of critical systems.

Eaton’s high-speed fuses are available in a wide range of current ratings, voltage classes, and form factors, catering to diverse application requirements. Whether it’s in industrial machinery, power distribution systems, or renewable energy installations, these fuses offer optimal performance, efficient current interruption, and enhanced system reliability.

With a focus on product quality and durability, Eaton Electronics Division’s high-speed fuses undergo rigorous testing and are built to withstand demanding environmental conditions. By employing advanced materials and innovative design techniques, these fuses provide a dependable safeguard for valuable equipment, enabling uninterrupted operation and minimizing downtime in critical applications.

Why use EATON Electronics’ high-speed fuses?

  • Extremely high heat dissipation requirements
  • IEC Voltage ratings: 690, 1.000, 1.250 Vac 
  • High Voltage: 2.000Vac, 4000Vac and more
  • Amperage ratings up to 7.500A

High speed fuse

Minimize peak currents and protection against arc forming

High speed fuses are specially designed to minimize the I²t, peak current let-through and arc voltage. Ensuring the fast opening and clearing of a fault requires rapid element melting. To achieve this, the high-speed fuse element has fewer sections of a different design than a similarly rated industrial fuse and typically has higher operating temperatures.

As a result of their higher element temperatures and smaller packages, high speed fuses typically have higher heat dissipation requirements than other fuse types. To help dissipate heat, the body (or barrel) material used is often a higher grade with a higher degree of thermal conductivity.

High-speed fuses you can rely on!

High speed fuses are primarily for protecting semiconductors from short-circuits. Their high operating temperatures often restrict using element alloys with a lower melting temperature to assist with overload operation. The result is that high speed fuses are generally not “full range” (i.e. they operate on short-circuit and overload conditions) and have more limited capacity to protect against low-level overcurrent conditions.

  • UL-Recognized
  • Various end fittings- and body size according to the standards
  • With or without indication
  • Accessories – fuse holders, remote signalling

Applying high speed fuses in your maritime DC power systems?

Eaton offers a wide range of (customer specific) high speed fuses specifically designed for application in your onboard DC grid. Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you on the right product. KWx makes sure you will always meet your special electrical and mechanical specifications!


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