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Astrol - DC-breaker

Astrol. Innovator in power control and switching solutions

  • Astrol is a Switzerland based innovator and manufacturer of state-of-the-art power control and switching solutions. They design and produce electronic parts for technical high demanding industries such as medical, energy distribution and pulsed power applications since 1996. In their 27-year history they have developed from a designer of custom-built electronics to a technology leader in pulsed power switches and solid-state circuit breakers with a wide range of products and a world-wide customer base consisting of operating companies and research institutes.

    The main focus of Astrol lies on power switching in the medium voltage range, from optimized gate drive units to fully integrated solutions of up to 100kV. All products are designed, manufactured and tested in our production location and high voltage test laboratory in Othmarsingen and therefore are able to withstand harsh environments, extended temperatures and have a long lifetime.

    Main product groups of Astrol

    • Solid-state circuit breakers
    • Solid-state power switches
    • Gate Drive Units & Isolated Power Supplies
    • Customized electronics

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    Astrolkwx team member Peter van den Berg

    Peter van den Berg

    Peter's extensive knowledge of power electronics, electronics and IT combined with his application knowledge, with specialization in maritime DC power grids makes him the perfect sparring partner to electrical engineers.

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