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High power resistors

High power resistor

    Exceptional performance and excellent load handling

    Danotherm high power resistors are known for their exceptional performance in applications that require high power dissipation, such as industrial machinery, power electronics, motor drives, and energy conversion systems.

    Designed to withstand harsh conditions

    Danotherm high-power resistors are specifically engineered to withstand extreme heat generated during power dissipation. They feature robust construction with advanced materials and thermal management techniques to ensure reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions. These resistors are capable of dissipating large amounts of heat without compromising their electrical performance.
    One of the key advantages of Danotherm high-power resistors is their excellent load handling capabilities. They can effectively handle high current and voltage levels, making them suitable for use in applications that require precise control of power flow or current regulation. These resistors also exhibit low temperature coefficients, which means their resistance values remain stable over a wide range of operating temperatures.


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