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Rotterdam drone view - KWx acquired by Astrol Electronic AG
  • Peter van den Berg

    Technical Sales Consultant

    Peter's extensive knowledge of power electronics, electronics and IT combined with his application knowledge, with specialization in maritime DC power grids makes him the perfect sparring partner to electrical engineers.

    Astrolkwx team member Peter van den Berg
  • Ismael Karbass

    Purchase Manager

    Ismael is our dedicated technical purchaser. Besides purchasing he's also partially involved in project sales and product management.

    Astrolkwx team member Ismael Karbass
  • Jeroen Visser

    Managing Director

    As the managing director of AstrolKWx, Jeroen always encourages people to further develop themselves personally as well as professionally.  

    Astrolkwx team member Jeroen Visser
  • Ivanne Quist

    Office Manager

    Our jack of all trades, Ivanne. She is involved in every step of the process. From procurement and shipping goods to after-sales, she knows it all!

    Astrolkwx team member Ivanne Quist
  • Ilse Dijksman

    Marketing Manager

    Ilse started as a Marketing professional in 2018. Because she is convinced to know best how to follow up all those leads, she expanded her activities at AstrolKWx with sales and customer loyalty.

    Astrolkwx team member Ilse Dijksman
  • Aniket Sarode

    Technical Sales Consultant

    Motivated to contribute to greener energy projects Aniket moved to Holland and got himself engaged in energy related activities. No wonder Aniket specializes in renewable energy and electrification projects.

    Astrolkwx team member Aniket Sarode
  • Ben Tabak

    Technical Sales Consultant

    With over 40 years of experience in Power Electronics Ben can be rightfully considered as our walking PE encyclopedia. He has a broad network of people dealing or affiliated with Power Electronics.

    Astrolkwx team member Ben Tabak

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