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Aniket Sarode

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Technical Sales Consultant

  • Aniket Sarode

    Technical Sales Consultant

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    Astrolkwx team member Aniket Sarode
  • After finishing his bachelor’s degree in Power Engineering in his hometown Nagpur (India), Aniket moved to The Netherlands for a master study program in Energy and Environmental Management. Motivated to contribute to greener energy projects and overwhelmed by the Dutch hospitality and innovation, Aniket decided to stay in The Netherlands and got himself engaged in energy related activities such as global climate change and sustainable development.  

    Aniket specializes in the renewable energy markets and electrification projects where our semiconductors and semiconductor-based assemblies, such as our liquid cooled rectifiers and solid-state DC breaker switches, find their application. What does Aniket value the most? Working with a diverse group of motivated colleagues with various backgrounds. 

    In his spare time, you can find Aniket playing cricket at Sparta Cricket Club Rotterdam or playing chess at home.  

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    • Renewable energy industry

      Reliable and green electricity generation from Renewable Energy Systems (RESs) is increasing. Power electronics components and solutions play a crucial role in enabling sustainable energy generation.

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