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Solid-state Medium Voltage AC breakers

Solid state AC breaker
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Maximum protection in any type of smart grid

The Astrol solid-state medium voltage AC breaker is designed to protect equipment connected to a smart grid on the medium voltage level. The technology is based on modern and powerful presspack-IGBT technology, which enables immediate switch-off in case of a short-circuit situation. With its modular design, the AC Breaker can be configured for different current and voltage levels.

System-independent solution

The Astrol AC Breaker is system independent and can be integrated in any type of smart grid on the medium voltage level. It constantly monitors current and voltage on all three phases and reacts autonomously according to predefined settings. Our best-in-category di/dt capability allows ultra-fast switch-off times.

Electrical design

The electrical design uses press-pack IGBT modules, which are connected in series to voltage levels of up to 60kV rate voltage. By adding more IGBTs in series than required by the voltage rating, redundancy can be added according to the specific requirement of each project. The number of Press-Pack IGBTs in parallel defines the rated current, which can go up to 3kA per phase. The MOV circuit is dimensioned and optimized for each application and depends on the system inductance of other electrical parameters. With the Astrol AC-Breaker, the grid integrator enjoys maximum design freedom.

Mechanical Design

AC breaker The AC-Breaker is installed in a cabinet with access from the front side for maintenance. The modular design allows the use of standardized electrical and mechanical components for different current and voltage ratings. All components are UL94 certified, and vibration tested according to IEC 60068-2-6.

Parametrization and Customization

The AC-Breaker provides application specific parametrization. Short circuit and over current detection can be adjusted according to customer-specific requirements. A customized AC-Breaker can be either an adaption an existing version or a fully new design. Typical items for customization are:
  • Communication to overall controller
  • Internal or external cooling
  • Quick coupling connectors in the water-cooling circuit
  • External fan control with PMW

Mechanical versions

  • 3-phase MV-AC-Breaker Platform
  • 11kV model 500A phase current

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