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Danotherm high power resistors

Design and manufacture of quality power resistors

  • With roots back to 1919, the Danish company Danotherm Electric A/S is known worldwide for its qualified design and manufacture of A-quality power resistors.
    The high-power resistors are engineered to optimize efficiency and ensure reliability, enhancing operational performance. The range of expertise covers a wide range of applications and markets, such as e-mobility, automation, marine and renewable energy. Typical applications are: snubber resistors for semiconductors, voltage dividers, load and discharge resistors. In wind turbines, they are also used as filter and high energy dump resistors in Low Voltage Ride Through applications.

    Danotherm is a member of the Swedish NIBE Industrier AB — NIBE Group and has its main factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore, they have a factory in Stargard, Poland and two factories near Milan and Turin, Italy.

    Excelling at customer specific solutions

    Our products are also suitable for the most demanding environments and feature many industry-specific applications. We focus on providing the most reliable, cost-effective, and optimized power resistor solutions for any need. This can be either a catalogue product that has been adjusted to meet the exact customer requirements or a totally a new design. Together Astrolkwx and Danotherm specialize in customizing power resistors to fit specific customer needs.

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    Astrolkwx team member Ismael Karbass

    Ismael Karbass

    Ismael is our dedicated technical purchaser. Besides purchasing he's also partially involved in project sales and product management.

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    • KWx and Eekels

      Astrolkwx has been a partner and supplier of power electronics components for Eekels for numerous projects in the fields of marine and offshore.

      Lake Ontario e-ferry
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