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High quality metalfilm capacitors that meet even the most demanding requirements

  • Electronicon is founded in 1938 in Germany. Known as the largest member of the System Electric Group, Electronicon is a globally recognized specialist and manufacturer of high quality metalfim capacitors for power factor correction, harmonics filtering, energy transmission, drive technology and DC links.

    Capacitors for power electronics and heavy duty applications

    Electronicon specializes in capacitors for power electronics and heavy-duty applications. All capacitors are designed with metalized film and dry electric. Depending on the application and operating conditions operating voltages of up to 50kV DC and 25kV AC and rated currents of up to 1200 A and 1500kA are covered. Electronic has an extensive assortment of catalogue products but based upon customer specifications specialized design is also possible.
    AstrolKWx’s product and application specialists are highly experienced in advising on the correct and most efficient capacitor for various applications.

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