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Solar cells

Solar cells

    Monochristalline solar cells

    With their proprietary technology, Anysolar is able to design, develop, and produce the world’s most efficient compact-size solar modules and surface mountable Solar BITs. All of this is done under the IXOLAR product name. The production know-how, and quality-first philosophy, gave Anysolar the advantage to keep growing into a globally acknowledged and technology driven solar company.

    SolarBIT and SolarMD modules

    Energize your remote instruments and handheld devices with the compact IXOLAR solar cell modules and surface mountable solar BITs. The monocrystalline SolarBIT and SolarMD modules are part of the IXOLAR product line. These modules are ideal for charging various battery powered and handheld electronics such as off-grid communication devices, wireless cameras and sensors, RFID-tags, portable instrumentation and charging emergency backup batteries.
    With a cell efficiency of typically 25% measured at a wafer level, Anysolar SolarBITs give the ability to extend runtime even in low light conditions and also increase the battery life portable products. Thanks to a small footprint the modules can be easily accommodated in the design of existing and newly developed products.
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