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Liquid cooled power resistors

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    Superior heat-carrying capabilities

    Liquid-cooled resistors employ water or a cooling agent to dissipate heat efficiently. Due to the higher density of liquids compared to air, they possess superior heat-carrying capabilities. Consequently, liquid cooling is preferred for resistors with elevated power ratings.

    Danotherm's liquid-cooled resistors boast power ratings spanning from 6 to 1450 kilowatts.

    These Danotherm liquid-cooled resistors utilize either water or ionized water as their cooling medium. The addition of glycol extends the operational temperature range and the overall lifespan of the resistor.
    In terms of housing, liquid-cooled Danotherm resistors come in either aluminum or steel casings. Depending on environmental conditions, two types of steel, namely AISI304 or AISI316, can be employed for the resistor enclosures. Danotherm offers a variety of mechanical sizes to cater to diverse applications, with the option to include temperature and pressure sensors. The protection ratings for these resistors range from IP50 to IP66.
    Liquid-cooled Danotherm resistors find applications in various fields, serving as brake resistors, filter resistors, energy dumping resistors, and marine equipment components.
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