Involved as partner and supplier from the initial development stage of the 10kW EV charger modules

In a strongly growing electric vehicle market, the total energy charging demand for the EV population across China, Europe, and the United States is expected to grow dramatically from 2020 to 2030. Increasing from roughly 20 billion kilowatt-hours to about 280 billion kilowatt-hours.

“PRE designs and produces highly graded and innovative power electronics. PRE specializes in co-creating power electronics solutions that find their application within industrial applications and solar- and wind energy and e-mobility industries.”

Developing fast charging stations and poles

Back in 2008, PRE Power Developers, a pioneer in the field, foresaw the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure. They started developing and manufacturing a 10kW AC/DC EV charger module for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Using these power modules, PRE’s customers manufacture and assemble DC fast charging stations and charging poles all over the world.

PRE recently developed a 6kW and 10kW solar powered bi-directional EV charger. Being at the forefront of the developments in EV charging and building on years of experience. The system charges electrical cars directly using solar power and is up to 17% more efficient than the current chargers. The charger prevents conversion losses from DC to AC (and back to DC) and is the first of its kind. Moreover, the charger can deliver power back to the grid (Vehicle-to-Grid or V2G), which helps in balancing the grid. Balancing the grid using EV batteries is essential to realize the energy transition in the most efficient and affordable way.

Strong partnership from the start

KWx has been involved as partner and supplier from the initial development stage of the 10kW EV charger module. KWx supplied several key parts for the bill of material, including heatsinks and diodes. Thinking back to these early stages, Menno Kardolus, CEO at PRE, is positive about the way KWx organizes business: ‘the KWx team listens carefully, to understand your objectives, and then provides you with the services and products needed to achieve your goals. They are willing to help and we have established a high level of mutual trust over time.’

Kardolus continues: “in our market, besides creating a reliable, safe and certified charger, one of the main challenges is the short time-to-market demand. Thanks to its close connections to the manufacturers and its ability to keep inventory, KWx plays an important role in the supply chain and enables us to limit lead time. For a small research company like PRE, continuous support from companies like KWx is of essential importance.”