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High efficiency, robustness and superior thermal performance

Our Mecc.AL air-cooled aluminium heatsinks are known for their high efficiency and robust design in industrial applications. The design typically incorporates intricate fin structures, maximizing the surface area for better heat dissipation. MeccAL heatsinks are strategically engineered to enhance airflow and facilitate efficient cooling in various industrial settings, such as power electronics, LED lighting systems, automotive electronics, and renewable energy applications.

Customized solutions

The MeccAL heatsink's construction and design offer superior thermal performance while ensuring durability and reliability, crucial in demanding industrial environments. They often come in different shapes and sizes, allowing for customized solutions tailored to specific devices or systems, meeting diverse cooling requirements. The utilization of MeccAL air-cooled heatsinks in industrial applications contributes significantly to maintaining optimal operating temperatures, prolonging the lifespan, and enhancing the performance of electronic components and systems within these settings. PROFILMECC The profilmexx series s a fully customized heatsink patented by Mecc.AL. Innovation Profilmecc, a completely innovative product: totally custom made heat sinks but at the same time with the standard solutions specifications. Made through mechanical assembling of base and fins, utilising an exclusive and patented technology, Profilmecc guarantees mechanical specifications of unequivocal excellence. Aspect ratio up to 95:1. Why choosing PROFILMECC?
  • No tooling costs involved,
  • MeccAl produces the heatsink upon requirements in terms of dimensions and materials (different alloy and copper, or both), and CNC machining,
  • Alloy EN-AW 1050A, the best solution in terms of performance given by a better thermal conductivity,
  • the possibility to buy 1 piece or 1.000.000 piecies.
  • MeccAL does not only sell heatsinks, but has a technical department that is able to study and give you the customized solution that you are looking for.
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