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Welded heatsinks P600 40A

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SKU: P600 40ACategories: Air cooled heatsinks


Weight 31.6 kg
Dimensions 600 × 40 mm


Product type

Welded heatsinks

Product series

P series






Air cooling

Features and benefits

To achieve broader profiles beyond what the extrusion process allows, it’s viable to combine two or more extruded profiles using a welding process. This method offers exceptional flexibility to meet dimensional customer needs and is adaptable for any alterations required for existing extruded profiles. Mecc.AL offers pre-beveled profiles to enhance the efficiency of TIG and MIG welding operations, alongside FSW technology deployed on specialized machines, eliminating the need for extra welding material in the heatsink. Our welding process is certified under UNI EN 15085-2 Class 2 and EN ISO 3834-3 standards.

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