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Ben Tabak

Rotterdam drone view - KWx acquired by Astrol Electronic AG


  • Ben Tabak


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    Astrolkwx team member Ben Tabak
  • With over 40 years of experience in Power Electronics Ben can be rightfully considered as our walking PE encyclopedia. He knows almost everything regarding his field and has a broad network of people dealing or affiliated with Power Electronics. Because our customers, suppliers and colleagues couldn’t miss him and his insights yet, Ben decided to postpone his retirement. Despite his age 😉 Ben is still curious and young at heart and mind.  As a bridge builder, Ben is valued for his capability to bring parties together to create innovative technical solutions.  

    Ben has a busy personal life too. Some of his hobbies are playing tennis, golf, fly-fishing, gardening and travelling. He also founded ‘The Lock Keepers’ with three of his friends, where they organize small scale concerts presenting American musicians. 

    Ben works on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

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    • Traction and power electronics

      Power electronics components such as semiconductors play a crucial role in modern railway infrastructure, traction vehicles and substations.

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