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Astrol 0.5 kA DC breaker

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Solid-state, ultra-fast 1.5 kV, 0.5 kA DC breaker for maritime applications The primary and most important function of the Astrol solid-state DC breaker for marine applications is its ultra-fast interruption of faults, thereby preventing the dramatic consequences of short-circuit situations and over current. Our ultra-fast liquid-cooled DC breakers are available in six sizes with a nominal voltage of 1.5 kV and nominal currents between 0.35 kA and 3 kA. The whole range is DNV and CCS certified.

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 507 × 507 × 430 mm
Nominal voltage (kV)


Nominal current (kA)


di/dt capability (A/µs)

Up to 500 A/us

Typical breaking current @1000V @10uH (kA)


Breaking time typical tBreak (µs)


Breaking time maximum tBreak (µs)


Clearance time typical tClearance (µs)


Marine type approval


Cooling type

Liquid cooling, air cooling available upon request

Suitable for DP3


IP protection

IP 20, up to IP 54. According to customer requirement.



Features and benefits

Compact and modular design
The compact mechanical design supports the control concept of the DC breaker to work as a standalone solution. The power-modules are accessible from the front and the back side. The basic configuration is a modular built DC breaker with integrated sensor communication and control unit. The table shows the currently available current ratings and dimensions. Customized versions are available upon request.

Short-citcuit and overload protection
In case of an event, the breaker interrupts the current within microseconds. With the response time requirement, local fault protection must be performed autonomously by the control system without the need for external control or fault detection. The fast opening time of our solid- state breaker limits the fault current and reduces the negative impact on the load to a minimum. The current does not reach damaging energy levels and can be interrupted without forming an arc. In addition to the fast over-current protection, the breaker opens on a configurable time-current prole (l2t) for overload protection.

For mor information about our 0.5 kA DC breaker, please download the datasheet or the DC breaker folder for information about our total range 0.35 kA – 5 kA.

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