Resistor Danotherm CCH 110

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Product type


Material housing



Horizontal, Verticaal


Natural air cooled

Nominal power (kW) @ 40°C


Resistance tolerance (%)

10, 5

Temperature coefficient (ppm/K)


Working voltage (UL)


Working voltage (IEC)


Dielectric strength in kV @ 1 minute


Protection class

IP50, IP54, IP65

Features and benefits

CCH Series: Heatsink-Cooled Resistors

The Danotherm CCH series represents a family of compact resistors designed for low to medium power applications. These resistors feature an impressively slim profile, with a height of just 15 mm. Part of the esteemed aluminum-housed ALPHA product range, they are crafted using UL-approved components, ensuring top-tier performance and unwavering reliability.

Aluminum was chosen as the primary material for these resistors’ housing due to its remarkable properties. It is resistant to corrosion, non-magnetic, non-sparking, lightweight, yet incredibly durable. Additionally, aluminum boasts exceptional heat conductivity. These resistors are fully insulated and pose no risk of external live parts. The resistive elements are constructed from a Nickel-Chrome alloy known for its minimal thermal drift and high precision in electrical resistance. These elements are meticulously insulated with mica, providing robust dielectric strength.

The power ratings for Danotherm CCH resistors, when operating under natural convection conditions, span from 100 to 570 W. However, when expertly mounted on a heatsink-cooled plate, their power ratings soar to an impressive 500 to 2500 W. These resistors are rated to work with voltages of 600 VAC or 850 VDC. Depending on the resistance value, they can endure overload factors ranging from 4 to 25 times their nominal power rating over a 5-second pulse within a 120-second timeframe. The CCH resistors boast protection ratings of IP54/IP65.

For added functionality, a thermal switch can be optionally integrated to provide overtemperature signaling. OEM resistor versions can also be customized upon request.

Primarily, Danotherm CCH resistors find their application in DC-links for charging and discharging purposes, as well as in small inverter drives where they serve as brake resistors.

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