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Danotherm Resistor HVS 990 C

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Product type


Material housing



Horizontal, Verticaal


Natural air cooled

Nominal power (kW) @ 40°C


Resistance tolerance (%)

10, 5

Temperature coefficient (ppm/K)


Working voltage (UL)


Working voltage (IEC)


Dielectric strength in kV @ 1 minute


Protection class

IP50, IP54, IP65

Features and benefits

Danotherm HVS resistors are medium voltage power resistors renowned for their high pulse load capability. They are part of the ALPHA product line, characterized by ceramic-supported wirewound spirals encased in sealed aluminum housings. These resistors operate under maximum working voltages of 3000 VAC / 4200 VDC and can endure overloads ranging from 40 to 130 times the nominal power ratings. The rated dielectric strength for HVS resistors stands at 10 kVAC for 1 minute.

HVS resistors find their niche in applications such as wind/gas turbines and supercapacitors, where pulse load occurrences are infrequent.

The power ratings for individual housings span from 1600 to 4600 W. You can connect multiple housings, up to four, to enhance power rating and pulse load capability.

Danotherm HVS resistors operate on convection cooling principles. Aluminum, being an exceptional conductor of heat, facilitates efficient heat dissipation within the housing design. The selection of aluminum as the housing material is due to its non-corrosive, non-magnetic, lightweight yet durable properties, in addition to its excellent heat-conducting characteristics. These resistors are fully insulated and do not have any external live components.

HVS resistors are compatible with cable connections and are offered in IP50/IP54/IP65 rated versions.

Customized and OEM variations are also accessible upon request.

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