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Electrolytic capacitors

Specialist in developing and manufacturing aluminum electrolytic capacitors

With 70 years of experience in capacitor manufacturing and innovation, AIC Europe specializes in developing and manufacturing aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The wide product range for power electronic applications meets various needs. AIC Europe has led the way in releasing the highest-rated voltage range on the market. Leading technologies result in very compact designs combined with outstanding reliability and one of the lowest field failure rates in the market.

Thanks to its high capacity and high reliability, the Screw series is extremely suitable for maritime applications. Therefore, KWx recommends using AIC Europe’s aluminium electrolytic capacitors in onboard power grids that require high capacity and high reliability.

Electrolytic capacitors you can rely on!

  • High reliability with one of the lowest field failure rates (0.5 FIT)
  • Ultra-compact
  • Large CV value
  • High permissible ripple current
  • High rated voltage (up to 600VDC)
  • Long useful life

Other application possibilities

  • Power supplies for industrial, scientific and medical applications
  • Static frequency inverters/servo-drives
  • Traction drives and auxiliary inverters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Energy buffer for textile machines and electrical cutter-knife-drives
  • Wind generators
  • Solar inverters

Details and product specifications

Interested in the electrolytic capacitors Screw series range? Please download the product catalogue.

Applying electrolytic capacitors in your maritime DC power systems?

Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you on choosing the right product for your onboard power systems. KWx makes sure you will always meet your special electrical and mechanical specifications!

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