Specialist in developing and manufacturing aluminum electrolytic capacitors

With 70 years of experience in capacitor manufacturing and innovation, AIC Europe specializes in developing and manufacturing aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The wide product range for power electronic applications meets various needs. AIC Europe has led the way in releasing the highest-rated voltage range on the market. Leading technologies result in very compact designs combined with outstanding reliability and one of the lowest field failure rates in the market.

Thanks to its high capacity and high reliability, the Screw series is extremely suitable for maritime applications. Therefore, Astrolkwx recommends using AIC Europe’s aluminium capacitors in onboard power grids that require high capacity and high reliability.

Electrolytic capacitors you can rely on!

One of the main advantages of electrolytic capacitors is their high capacitance-to-volume ratio, which means they can store a large amount of charge in a small package. This makes them useful in a wide range of electronic applications, including power supplies, audio amplifiers, and electronic filters.

Electrolytic capacitors are also polarized, which means they have a positive and negative lead that must be connected correctly in order for the capacitor to work properly. This polarity allows electrolytic capacitors to handle high voltages and currents, making them ideal for applications where high power is required.

AIC Europe Electrolytic capacitors
  • High reliability with one of the lowest field failure rates (0.5 FIT)
  • Ultra-compact
  • Large CV value
  • High permissible ripple current
  • High rated voltage (up to 600VDC)
  • Long useful life

Other application possibilities

  • Power supplies for industrial, scientific and medical applications
  • Static frequency inverters/servo-drives
  • Traction drives and auxiliary inverters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Energy buffer for textile machines and electrical cutter-knife-drives
  • Wind generators
  • Solar inverters

Details and product specifications

Grounded in unwavering innovation, AIC Tech is dedicated to advancing aluminum electrolytic and metallized film capacitors. Our mastery of key aluminum anode foil technology, coupled with the precision of Japanese craftsmanship and zero-defect mentality, ensures AIC capacitors deliver unparalleled longevity and absolute reliability alongside outstanding product features.

Interested in the electrolytic capacitors Screw series range? Please download the product catalogue.

Sustainability and our social responsibility

We are convinced that we need to constantly improve and strengthen our sustainability strategy. However, we cannot do this alone. That’s why we involve our stakeholders and experts in the search for sustainable solutions. For us, sustainability is a comprehensive concept that requires an integral approach.

Applying capacitors in your maritime DC power systems?

Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you on choosing the right product for your onboard power systems. Astrolkwx makes sure you will always meet your special electrical and mechanical specifications! Feel free to contact us for more information.