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3kA 1,5 kV DC breaker receives DNV type approval

A marine product type approved solution

In collaboration with KWx, Astrol Electronic AG developed a range of solid-state 1,5 kV DC breakers for marine applications. This unique technology provides maximum flexibility for onboard DC grids and protects against short-circuit currents in any part of the grid. Following the 0.5kA and 1.25kA DC breaker switches, that were type approved in November 2019, we proudly announce that the 3 kA DC breaker switch has also received the official DNV type approval.

The increase in DC grids onboard vessels and our answer in protecting them

Hybrid and all-electric ships become increasingly popular. To be able to support larger electrical systems, capable of integrating alternative energy sources and storage systems, DC is the onboard power distribution system of choice. This, thanks to its ability to handle large power flows in a confined space with high system efficiency and low life-cycle cost.

Protecting onboard DC grids against short-circuit currents and power overload

Our DC breaker is the answer in effectively protecting onboard DC grids. Interested in how it all started? Please check out our previous news update.

This video shows gives an overview of the DC breaker switch and how this technology enables interrupting short-circuit currents within μs.

Why implement DC breaker switch technology in your onboard DC systems?

  • Safety by preventing arc forming
  • System-independent and modular design
  • Enabling innovative and SMART DC systems
  • Technical knowledge and certified products
  • Cost-efficient and green solution
  • Compact design, space-saving design

The mechanical versions: DNV type approved


A solution you can rely on!

The Astrol DC breaker is based on modern and powerful semiconductor technology. It guarantees reliable protection against short-circuit currents in any part of the grid and allows the system integrator to achieve selectivity in the most flexible way.

Interested in how our solid-state DC breakers enable the design of safe and SMART onboard DC grids?

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