Quality-first philosophy of a technology driven company

With their proprietary technology, Anysolar is able to design, develop, and produce the world’s most efficient compact-size solar modules and surface mountable Solar BITs. This is all done under the IXOLAR product name. The production know-how, and quality-first philosophy, gave Anysolar the advantage to keep growing into a globally acknowledged and technology driven solar company.

“Energize your remote instruments and handheld devices with the compact IXOLAR solar cell modules and surface mountable solar BITs”

The monocrystalline SolarBIT and SolarMD modules are part of the IXOLAR product line. These modules are ideal for charging various battery powered and handheld electronics. Think of off-grid communication devices, wireless cameras and sensors, RFID-tags, portable instrumentation and charging emergency backup batteries.

Anysolar SolarBITs boast a cell efficiency of approximately 25% when measured at a wafer level. This enables the extension of runtime, even in low light conditions, and contributes to prolonged battery life in portable products. Thanks to a small footprint the modules can be easily accommodated in the design of existing and newly developed products.

Meet your application’s power requirements

The cell design allows manufacturers to connect SolarBITs in series and/or parallel to perfectly meet the application’s power requirements. The modules have a very good response over a wide wavelength. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. All of this is accomplished in a small footprint, which can be easily accommodated in the design of portable products.

Why choose Anysolar monocrystalline solar modules?

  • Extended performance in low light condition
    25% of the light energy is converted into electrical energy
  • Wide range of wavelength
    Outstanding photonic response
  • One product for multiple applications
    Suitable for industrial and commercial use
  • Compact design
    Flexible integration into the application
  • High efficiency outdoor and indoor
    Due to the wide spectral range of monocrystalline cells
  • Long lifetime and stable output
    Ruggedized and sealed package
  • Multiple design possibilities
    Connection in series and/or parralel

About Anysolar

Anysolar is a South Korean company located in the city of Yongin. Since the founding in 2009 the company has its focus on the development and production of high-quality solar cells. From the start Anysolar has produced monocrystalline solar modules for the IXYS Corporation in the United States. IXYS is a renowned manufacturer of power semiconductors. Nowadays the IXYS Corporation is part of Littelfuse, an industrial technology manufacturing company.

Together IXYS and Littelfuse leverage their combined technology portfolios and expertise to enhance customer value. This reliable combination of businesses gave Anysolar access to a global distribution and sales network in the solar module market for more than a decade. In June 2020, Littelfuse sold the IXYS IXOLAR solar product line which Anysolar acquired. Including the corresponding business and customer relations. Thanks to the already reliable distribution and sales network, Anysolar continues to attracts new customers from the United States, Europe, and others regions.