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Extruded heatsink P160 40

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SKU: P160 40Categories: Air cooled heatsinks


Weight 8.64 kg
Dimensions 160 × 40 mm


Product type

Extruded heatsink

Product series

P series






Air cooling

Features and benefits

The aluminium extrusion process allows to make innumerable shapes profiles. By modifying the shape of the profile the surface in contact with air changes, and consequently the dissipation capability does. The extruded heatsinks are generally used in medium electrical power systems both in natural and forced convection.
The Mecc.AL extruded heatsinks are presented divided by shape (E, L, H, T, U, P flat back and PC flat back with cover), width and height, and shown in increasing order of size. For example, P400 40 indicates an extruded heatsink having a flat back shape (P), 400 mm wide and 40 mm high.

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