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Short circuit test, 3kA solid-state DC breaker switch

Interested in the impressive fault clearance of our solid-state DC breaker switches?

Our range of solid-state DC breaker switches enable safe and SMART DC power systems. Thanks to the ultra-fast switch-off times this IGBT-based technology protects (onboard) DC power grids against arcing, power overload and short-circuit situations.

Please check out our short circuit test of the 3kA DC breaker switch under full load conditions at the high-voltage test lab of Astrol Electronic AG in Switzerland.

Details of the test:

  • 5 kA current source
  • 3 kA DC breaker switch
  • 850 V
  • 1.2 μH inductance
  • dI/dt: 690 A μs
  • l off: 9,92 kA
  • Clearing time 12 μs!

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