Interested in the impressive fault clearance of our solid-state DC breaker switches?

Our range of solid-state DC breakers enable safe and SMART DC power systems. Thanks to the ultra-fast switch-off times this IGBT-based technology protects (onboard) DC power grids against arcing, power overload and short-circuit situations. Please check out our 3kA solid-state DC breaker short circuit test under full load conditions at the high-voltage test lab of Astrol Electronic AG in Switzerland.

Details of the 3kA solid-state DC breaker short circuit test

3kA solid-state DC breaker short circuit test
  • 5 kA current source
  • 3 kA DC breaker switch
  • 850 V
  • 1.2 μH inductance
  • dI/dt: 690 A μs
  • l off: 9,92 kA
  • Clearing time 12 μs!

Frequently asked questions

Is your DC breaker switch able to handle more than 1 kV DC?

Yes, our marine type approved range of DC breaker switches can even handle up to 1,5 kV DC nominal.

What are the possible current ratings?

We have a marine type approval up to 3kA DC. The marine type approval for 5 kA DC will follow in early 2024. Other versions (in AC or DC), depending on the application, voltage ratings up to 11 kV and current ratings up to 6kA are possible. Contact us for more information.

Is your DC breaker certified for marine application?

Yes, we have the only dedicated solid-state DC breaker that has been type approved by DNV for marine applications.

Do you perform short circuit testing before delivery?

Every DC breaker switch will undergo 2 full load short circuit tests during the FAT (factory acceptance test). Our breaker doesn’t show any degradation, even after multiple short circuits.

More about our solid-state DC breaker

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More information about our IGBT based solid-state DC Breaker for marine applications

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