Power electronics improvements driven by sustainable directives for the traction industry

As in many other industries, a strong lobby towards a sustainable traction industry accelerates the further development of electrification and higher energy efficiency. When we look at what has been realized over the past 50 years in the field of traction drives, we can conclude that power electronics has enabled impressive improvements and will continue to do so.

Looking at the railway infrastructure, particularly the whole energy supply for rail tracks, we see possibilities to comply with the energy transition mode we are all facing!

In this case study our colleague Mr. Ben Tabak, Technical Manager, describes some of the improvements around power electronics in traction applications, driven by strong sustainability directives.

Sustainable traction industry

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Knowledge of traction industry and power electronics

The traction industry asks its suppliers for solutions to specific challenges. Whether it concerns the conversion, management or protection of electrical energy, the Astrolkwx team can use its knowledge and expertise to advise on components including semiconductors, heatsinks, sensors for application in drives and on-board power supplies for rolling stock and DC substations. We also offer complete customer-specific solutions such as rectifiers and solid-state DC switches for the traction network.

Continuous optimization

Astrolkwx looks at the bigger picture to optimise DC networks not only in traction, but in all environments in which DC is a better alternative or solution. In addition to advice and the supply of high-quality components, we are happy to work alongside you to search for sustainable solutions and bring them to life.