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Power Electronics & Energy Storage Event 2024

Power Electronics & Energy Storage event 2024

A combined edition for power electronics and energy storage

The Power Electronics & Energy Storage event will take place on May 28, 2024. This year the combination with the Energy Storage event will also be made. Power electronics and energy storage have many similarities and are often inextricably linked. This way you will benefit from the available expertise in the field of both power electronics and energy storage during the combined edition.

The breadth of the market, namely users, developers, suppliers and knowledge institutes, come together at the Power Electronics and Energy Storage event. Visions, experiences and knowledge are exchanged with colleagues.

Switching, controlling and converting electrical power

Controlling, converting and securing electricity are indispensable processes in the transportation and distribution of energy. Without power electronics, it is impossible to provide end-users with the right and safe form of electricity. A simple example is the difference between a subway and an electric car. Both are electrically powered but have a different energy source and a difference in energy consumption.

A component for every electrical challenge

By applying power electronics in the distribution network, electrical energy is transformed, controlled, switched and secured. These ‘actions’ are performed by various power electronics components such as semiconductors, fuses, capacitors and resistors. These products can be simple or very complex, depending on the application.

Power electronics components from Astrolkwx

With an extensive range of components for direct and alternating currents, the Astrolkwx Power Electronics Division provides solutions for all these challenges. In addition to standard catalogue products from A-suppliers (like ABB, Danotherm, EATON and Littelfuse), the strength of this division lies in the co-creation of customer-specific solutions. Many of these products are used in the maritime, industrial and transport sectors.

The division specialises, among other things, in offering solutions for DC grids and applications. This position will be further expanded in the coming years, partly to upcoming innovations in this field.

Thanks to years of experience and an extensive network, our customers are supported with targeted solutions in virtually every area of power electronics, including accessories such as heatsinks, sensors and mounting material.

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