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Friction stir welding heatsink LCP 90×20/160 – FSW

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Product type

Friction stir welding heatsink

Product series



Liquid cooling

Base plate material

20mm thick, Al EN AW-1050A

Tube size


Liquid requirement

H2O, Tin 40°C

Power dissipation

1 kW

Features and benefits

Through the implementation of the latest cost-effective FSW welding technology in liquid-cooled plate production, Mecc.Al fulfills the demands for power dissipation in high-performance projects, ensuring competitiveness.

FSW liquid-cooled plates can be crafted from various materials and aluminum alloys. Additionally, the layout of internal cooling channels is customized and designed by Mecc.Al’s technical department team using CFD software, tailored to meet the specifications of each individual project. Friction Stir Welding is a solid-state joining method applied in constructing liquid-cooled plates, enabling the achievement of robust hermetic seals and high thermal performance. This method offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in cooling technologies. Depending on system specifications, various materials and aluminum alloys can be utilized in creating an FSW LCP.

The dimensions and shapes of internal cooling channels are meticulously designed by Mecc.Al’s thermal engineers using advanced 3D modeling and computational fluid dynamics simulation software. This approach allows for the optimization of both pressure drop and liquid flow, resulting in remarkably high efficiency levels.

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