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Gun drilled heatsink LCP 360×22/200 – GD 8 Pass

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SKU: LCP 360x22/200 - GD 8 PassCategories: Liquid cooled plates


Dimensions 360 × 22 mm


Product type

Gun drilled heatsink

Product series

Serie LCP-GD


Liquid cooling

Base plate material

22mm thick, Al EN AW-6082

Tube size


Liquid requirement

H2O, Tin 40°C

Power dissipation

4 kW

Features and benefits

The liquid-cooled plates feature through-holes, where the internal channels are created either through direct extrusion or by deeply drilling into solid plates. The channel system, whether extruded or custom-designed, is established by sealing the channels both externally and internally at specific points using watertight plugs. These plugs are strategically positioned to define the intended flow of liquid within the plate. Gun-drilled or through-hole technology is best suited for applications with moderate cooling needs, emphasizing ease of production and cost efficiency. This method allows for the use of any alloy and enables the creation of holes without limitations on their depth or diameter. It provides the flexibility in design and limitless customization options to manufacture Liquid Cooled Plates (LCPs), air-liquid hybrid heatsinks, and fittings in various shapes and characteristics.
There are no restrictions on the dimensions along the three axes of the design volume, and the drilling length can be adjusted according to the diameter used. Utilizing external and intermediate sealing plugs within the channels, we establish the desired internal flow paths, incorporating inlet and outlet connectors for both internal and external attachment to the plate.

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