Danotherm Resistor PCG 10K0

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Product type


Material housing

Galvanized steel


Horizontal, Vertical


Natural air cooled

Nominal power (kW) @ 40°C


Resistance tolerance (%)

10, 5

Temperature coefficient (ppm/K)


Working voltage (UL)


Working voltage (IEC)


Dielectric strength in kV @ 1 minute


Protection class

IP60, IP65

Features and benefits

PCG resistors are manufactured using one or more steel tube resistor elements, which are subsequently welded into a frame. The resistive component comprises an active wire that is enclosed within the steel tube. The tube itself is composed of AISI 304 stainless steel and is filled with magnesium oxide, a material known for its exceptional electrical and thermal characteristics. The connection box, on the other hand, is crafted from aluminum.

Danotherm PCG resistor units are available with nominal power ratings spanning from 1 to 6 kW, and they support working voltages of up to 1000 VAC / 1400 VDC. These resistors can endure power loads that are tenfold higher than their nominal ratings during 5-second pulses, with a 120-second cycle time. Cooling of the resistor is achieved through natural convection.

As a standard feature, a thermal switch is included, along with a protective grid to prevent contact with the highly heated tube components.

Danotherm PCG resistors carry an IP65 rating, making them suitable for demanding industrial environments. They find extensive use as braking resistors in applications involving prolonged braking periods and brief cycle durations. PCG resistors are widely deployed in elevators, cranes, and various lifting systems.

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