New solid-state DC breaker platform for marine and naval applications up to 6kA

Introducing our groundbreaking solid-state 6 kA DC breaker platform, the B series, designed specifically for marine and naval applications. With a modular design, front access, and 19-inch configuration, this platform ensures easy maintenance and customization. Capable of handling nominal currents up to 6 kA and featuring spinning reserve mode readiness, it aligns with DP3 compliance standards outlined in DNV-RP-0591. Our customer-centric approach allows for tailored designs, including horizontal lay-out and adherence to Mil std for ruggedized and shock-proof performance. Upgrade your onboard DC systems with cutting-edge technology for enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Modular design of the 6 kA DC breaker

Following our series of 0.35 kA – 3 kA solid-state DC breakers (1.5 kV) we launch our revolutionary platform B. This modular platform goes up to 6 kA and are suitable for onboard DC systems with nominal currents up to 6 kA.

6 kA DC breaker
  • Front access
  • 19 inch
  • Fast coupling
  • Easy access
  • Easy maintenance

Wide range

  • 1.5 kV nominal voltage
  • Up to 6 kA nominal current
  • Spinning reserve mode ready
  • DP3 compliance with DNV-RP-0591.

Customer specific designs for the 6 kA DC breaker

  • Horizontal lay-out
  • Mil std (ruggedized/shock proof)
  • Nominal voltage up to 3 kV

A greener maritime future

A vessel and a windmill for the 6 kA DC breaker

There is an increased focus on the maritime ecosystem. Focusing on a greener, more sustainable maritime industry is one of the main objectives of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). New technologies contribute to reducing emissions such as CO2, NOx, and SOx. This higher rate of innovation and integration of technology leads to vessel optimization.

Sustainability and our social responsibility

We are convinced that we need to constantly improve and strengthen our sustainability strategy. However, we cannot do this alone. That’s why we involve our stakeholders and experts in the search for sustainable solutions. For us, sustainability is a comprehensive concept that requires an integral approach.

Together with partners, Astrolkwx strives to lead the energy transition. We do this, for example, with innovations that contribute to a more sustainable maritime industry. We also play a role in the development of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

More about our solid-state DC breaker

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