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Supercapacitor Eaton XLM

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Eaton’s XLM supercapacitor modules provide energy storage for bridge power to improve power quality while offering high power density for peak power shaving and energy capture for multiple applications. Relatively unique compared to technology offered by competitors, the XLM can increase the life of a backup system and eliminate the need for replacement parts and batteries. The XLM module can be wired in series and/or parallel to meet the requirements of the application. Supercapacitor modules are RoHS compliant and require no battery management system (BMS) due to Eaton’s cell balancing technology. The XLM supercapacitor modules are self-contained energy storage devices comprised of 23 individual XL60 supercapacitor cells. The products are easily rack mounted and include integrated cell voltage management circuitry and an overvoltage alarm. The family is RoHS compliant and UL registered component.

SKU: XLM-69R0137A-RCategories: Supercapacitors


Dimensions 176 × 686 × 173 mm


Capacitance F


Maximum working voltage (V)


Nominal voltage (V)


Maximum initial ESR


Maximum current (A)


Continuous current (A)


Stored energy Wh


Peak power kW


Leakage current mA


Operating temperature range

-40 °C to +65 °C

Operating life

Up to 20 years

Features and benefits

Features and benefits
• Long life energy storage, up to 20 years*
• Very low equivelent series resistance (ESR)
• Wide operating temperature
• Cost effective backup power and large energy
• High efficiency (>98%) under broad operating
• Environmentally friendly
• Low operating costs and maintenance free
• UL recognized
• Datacenter UPS
• Healthtcare UPS
• Hybrid power systems
• Grid energy and storage
• Frequency regulation
• Renewable energy firming
• Peak power shaving

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