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Profilmecc PM350 75

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SKU: PM350 75Categories: Air cooled heatsinks


Weight 35.83 kg
Dimensions 350 × 75 mm


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Product series

PM series






Air cooling

Features and benefits

The latest technologies made available by Mecc.AL. Revolutionary production lines: completely innovative, fully customized heatsinks while maintaining standard specifications. Manufactured through mechanical assembly of base and fins or in a monolithic version, using an exclusive and patented technology, Profilmecc ensure superior thermal performance and mechanical specifications of unequivocal excellence.

Profilmecc represents a truly innovative product: entirely customized heatsinks while adhering to standard specifications. Created through mechanical assembly of base and fins, employing an exclusive patented technology, Profilmecc guarantees mechanical specifications of unequivocal excellence, with an aspect ratio up to 95:1.

From raw material to finished product: Profilmecc and ProfilmeccPlus offer unique thermal performance. Compared to our competitors’ best and most efficient heatsinks, they ensure an average decrease in thermal resistance between 7 and 10%.

None of our competitors exercises complete control over the entire production process, from raw material to finished product. This unique capability positions Mecc.AL as the sole company in the market to offer this level of technological solution. There are no alternatives to Profilmecc and ProfilmeccPlus.

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