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Resistor Danotherm WHDN 300-3100

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Product type


Material housing





Liquid cooled

Nominal power (kW) @ 40°C


Resistance tolerance (%)

3, 5

Temperature coefficient (ppm/K)


Working voltage (UL)


Working voltage (IEC)


Dielectric strength in kV @ 1 minute


Protection class

IP65, IP66

Features and benefits

The WHDN series resistors are high-powered, liquid-cooled resistors designed to deliver exceptional performance, making them well-suited for challenging environments such as marine and harbor applications.

These resistors are characterized by a fully-welded steel tank, with tank diameters available in sizes DN100 to DN300. The primary resistive components consist of steel tubes that are welded to a flange inside the tank. This design permits access to the resistor for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

For the tank, connection box, and resistor elements, the standard material employed is AISI 304 stainless steel, while AISI 316 stainless steel can be chosen as an alternative for the tank and connection box. Optionally, AISI 316 or AISI 321 stainless steel, as well as INCOLOY 800 alloy, can be used for the resistor elements. The cooling system for Danotherm WHDN resistors employs water, with the option to enhance the working temperature range and resistor lifespan by adding glycol.

The power ratings for WHDN resistors range from 40 to 1450 kW, with working voltages of 1000 VAC / 1400 VDC. Depending on the resistance value, these resistors can endure up to four times their nominal power rating for a 5-second pulse every 120 seconds.

Typically, these resistors are mounted horizontally, although vertical mounting options are available with height restrictions.

Standard features of these resistors include moisture protection, thermal protection, and air bubble detection. Additionally, there are optional features such as pressure sensors and PT100 with transducer.

The protection ratings for WHDN resistors are IP65 / IP66.

Danotherm WHDN resistors are commonly utilized as brake and filter resistors in marine applications.

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